Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Server in India 2024 

Would you like to draw an Indian audience to your blog or startup website and manage heavy traffic? 

Do you need cheaper, distinct, specialized resources like CPU, RAM, and storage for your well-to-do websites that are scaling up? Are you an online retailer looking to grow your business in the Indian market? 

If so, you should consider utilizing the Best VPS hosting services offered in India. 

By doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of many more features that we’ll discuss later on this page, including easier access to features like higher security standards, lower downtime risk from a 24/7 electricity supply, and compliance with Indian law enforcement regulations.

Are you eager to know India’s 10 Best VPS Hosting for 2024? As per the specifications of your websites, you can select from the Indian VPS hosting services listed in this article.

Top 10 Indian VPS Hosting Server in 2024

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Indian VPS Hosting Server Exclusively for our readers. These companies provide VPS hosting services as well as all web-related solutions, enabling your high-traffic websites to operate at their best among website visitors.


One of the Cheapest Top Indian VPS hosting Server, YouStable, is a web Hosting company that offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated server hosting with a Free Control Panel, cPanel, to handle the web files and install supported software with just a Single click. 

For users having Zero knowledge about handling the server configuration, Get Fully Managed VPS servers along with 24/7 Support Services in Hindi and English.

Moreover, YouStable is even well-known for offering Dedicated customer support in Hindi to Indian users, enabling the users to tackle each and every server-related issue.

Key Specifications 

The key specifications that YouStable’s VPS services offer its users are given as follows:

  • YouStable’s VPS plans to provide a Dedicated IPv4 IP Address to the users to offer an Isolated Web hosting environment.

  • VPS Hosting plans offer a Free cPanel to enable the users to configure the servers as per the requirement.

  • Get a Dedicated FireWall SetUp for improved Security and 1 Weekly Snapshot for server monitoring.

  • VPS servers are backed by the latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology, ensuring Blazing fast web server speed. 

Plans and Pricing

VPS plans of YouStable and its Prices are stated in the screenshot with Monthly, Half-Yearly, and Annual Billing methods.


Bluehost, India’s one of the Top VPS Hosting brands, offers users all kinds of web-related solutions, from Website Designing to web hosting services, backed by the Latest security technology and incredible infrastructure, offering the best hosting ground for websites with greater needs.

Along with the services mentioned above, BlueHost is also known to offer consistent LiveChat Support in Hindi and English language, making hosting comfortable for Indian users.

Key Specifications 

The Key Specifications that BlueHost offers its users are provided as under:

  • BlueHost offers a 30-day Back Guarantee for users who, by chance, happen to not like the web services, offering a Risk-Free Hosting environment.

  • KVM Hypervisor technology ensures that your VPS servers get Dedicated web resources, RAM/ CPU/ Bandwidth to cater to greater website needs.

  • Get a Free cPanel to configure the website as per your requirement, and also Get an Instant Provisioning Service enabling users to use VPS servers instantly.

  • 24/7 Support Services in Local languages via LiveChat and Ticketing system help the customers to get their issues resolved quickly.

Plans and Pricing

The plans and Pricing scheme of VPS plans of BlueHost are provided to you as under:


Slashing down on latency for website visitors, A2Hosting, one of the best VPS Hosting companies in India, offers hosting solutions that are friendly to websites and assist in maintaining a consistent online presence. A2Hosting’s Turbo web servers, which also ensure faster loading times, make the UltraReliable servers 20 times faster. 

Free Account Migrations allows users to move their website for free from another hosting company to A2Hosting.

Key Specifications 

The VPS Hosting features offered by A2Hosting are listed as under:

  • A2Hosting is one of the VPS providers with the highest scalability, allowing users to easily scale resources to meet the demands of their websites.

  • Easy to use Moreover, VPS hosting is made simple for users without technical expertise in website configuration by cPanel.

  • Fast issue resolutions are guaranteed by the round-the-clock Guru Crew Support services, creating a welcoming VPS hosting environment.

  • A2Hosting VPS server hosting services offer the users all the supported software that is required to maintain the SEO angles of the websites.

Plans and Pricing

The A2Hosting VPS plans and their related Prices are given to you as under:


FastComet, having data centers in the hearts of the economy of India, Mumbai, is one of the best VPS hosting service Server that offers web-related solutions to users wanting to run their business online 24/7. FastComet’s VPS hosting services are not only affordable but also easy to use and manage. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to use SiteBuilder to create your own website provided by FastComet. Free domain transfers from another hosting company to FastComet are offered by the company.

Key Specifications 

The key features of VPS hosting services that are offered by FastComet are given as under:

  • Fast issue resolutions are guaranteed by 24/7 customer support, creating a welcoming VPS hosting environment.

  • Users can effortlessly increase or decrease the web resources as per the requirement of the website, making FastComet’s VPS plans Highly Scalable.

  • Powerful EEC RAM and SSD Storage Technology offer greater web page loading speed, ensuring swift content delivery as well.

  • Imunify360, Advanced DDoS Protection, and Free SSLs for all your websites are some of the services offered by FastComet to secure the VPS servers.

Plans and Pricing

The VPS plans and their prices offered by FastComet are given as under:


With ChemiCloud’s Fully Managed Cloud VPS hosting services, users can focus on growing their websites as all server management and troubleshooting tasks are eliminated. Adding SSD NVMe Storage Technology and CloudFlare CDN will improve your content delivery even more and speed up the loading of web pages.

Chemicloud’s Advanced DDoS Protection, Imunify360, and additional security measures provide additional protection for your cloud virtual private servers.

Key Specifications 

The Key features of VPS Hosting services offered by ChemiCloud are stated as under:

  • Live chat and ticketing support systems provide clients with round-the-clock assistance in resolving server issues.

  • SSD NVMe storage technology and AMD EPYC processors improve your website’s speed and guarantee its availability online round-the-clock.

  • LiteSpeed Web VPS cloud servers guarantee lightning-fast website loading times in addition to round-the-clock website uptime.

  • Due to the high scalability of the VPS plans, users can adjust the amount of web resources to suit their needs.

Plans and Pricing

The VPS hosting Plans and its related Pricing scheme are provided in the ScreenShot below:


Get hosting for an infinite number of websites along with five free cPanel accounts with HostArmada’s VPS hosting plans. These accounts provide a smooth way to set up servers and manage web files and email settings. Even better, HostArmada provides free backup plans. The data is kept locally on the server’s disk.

In addition, HostArmada is renowned for offering reliable, round-the-clock customer support services to address server-related problems.

Key Specifications 

The following is a list of HostArmada VPS Hosting features:

  • For improved website performance, get a dedicated IP address and separate RAM/SSD NVMe storage hard drives.

  • The user has complete root access to their VPS servers, enabling them to configure them in accordance with the specifications of the website.

  • HostArmada’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for beginners to comprehend configuration, payments, and other hosting settings.

  • Consistent support is offered by HostArmada’s hosting experts via LiveChat and Ticketing, as well as in local languages.

Plans and Pricing

The VPS plans and pricing schemes offered by HostArmada are shown in a screenshot below:


BigRock, one of the top Indian VPS hosting companies, provides web utilities to people looking to establish an online presence. For those who wish to support their website’s more demanding requirements, BigRock offers VPS hosting services. 

Furthermore, BigRock guarantees the creation of a secure hosting platform by offering VPS servers that are supported by FireWall and DDoS protection services.

Key Specifications 

The following are the features that BigRock offers for VPS hosting:

  • Nearly Zero Downtime guarantees that your website is accessible to users without interruption for the majority of the day.

  • Obtain all setup options, including Apache, MySQL, and PHP configuration, so that users can modify the website as needed.

  • VPS servers with integrated SSD NVMe Storage Technology enable BigRock to deliver content smoothly and load websites quickly. 

  • Customer support services are available 24/7 from BgRock to assist users in troubleshooting server-related issues.

Plans and Pricing

The VPS plans and pricing schemes offered by BigRock are shown in a screenshot below:


UltaHost is the most trustworthy VPS hosting Server in India for startups and web developers, offering managed VPS servers, free domain transfers, free SSL certificates, automated backup plans for simple data restoration in an emergency, and a staging environment. 

In addition to UltaHost’s reputation for scalable DDR4 RAM and SSD disk drives for faster web page loading, CloudFlare CDN provides seamless content delivery.

Key Specifications

Let’s examine some of UltaHost’s VPS hosting features that may be helpful to customers with busy websites:

  • 100% Fully managed web servers are available to users with no prior experience managing or handling web servers.

  • Invest in DDR4 RAM, the newest SSD NVMe Storage Technology, for all web servers to increase the speed at which websites load.

  • Because of Advanced DDoS Protection, UltaHost VPS servers are completely safe and create an encrypted connection with website visitors.

  • Customize your VPS servers to meet the needs of your websites, choose the right operating system, and make many more settings.

Plans and Pricing

Below is the screenshot of the VPS Plans and its pricing scheme offered by UltaHost:


Kamatera offers the Best VPS Hosting Services in India. With Enterprise-Level Fast, Highly Scalable, and Secure Cloud Computing web Utilities, Kamatera provides TopNotch Cloud hosting Technology, Load Balancer, Cloud Desktop, Virtual Private Cloud, and Cloud FireWalls to provide website hosting services to the users. 

Kamatera offers a Fully managed VPS server with an incredible Management Portal, helping users boost the performance of the website.

Key Specifications 

The major specifications offered by the VPS hosting services of Kamatera to its potential clients are given as under:

  • Includes security features like Cloud FireWall, and Block Storage Technology that protect your websites from dangerous online threats.

  • Advanced networking features like Virtual LAN, which enable the setting up of private IP addresses, improve IP monitoring.

  • Users receive 24-hour Live chat, and ticketing systems offer round-the-clock, reliable customer support.

  • Gives consumers the best possible VPS hosting experience by providing CPU series with Intel Xeon Gold Processor.

Plans and Pricing

The Kamatera Price Calculator is shown below, allowing users to select web resources based on their requirements.


Web hosting company DreamHost provides KVM cloud servers, which guarantee the VPS servers have the dedicated web resources required to grow the website online. The Indian data centers of DreamHost provide users with significant SEO advantages. 

In addition, DreamHost offers state-of-the-art security technologies to protect the VPS servers against harmful online threats. 

Key Specifications 

The following are the main characteristics of DreamHost’s VPS hosting services:

  • To guarantee a steady and secure connection between website visitors and the server, obtain dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

  • Top-notch network hardware and fire safety features support the data centers, guaranteeing server security and availability 24/7.

  • The integrated DDoS protection that DreamHost provides for its VPS servers guards against harmful online attacks.

  • DreamHost provides Indian users with round-the-clock, locally-language customer support services to address server-related issues.

Plans and Pricing

We highly recommend our Readers to Visit the official website of the VPS hosting server in order to note the current prices as the Cost are subjected to change due to Deals and latest offers.

Which VPS Hosting Services Should I Try?

One of the best VPS hosting companies in India is YouStable; it provides VPS servers with advanced DDoS protection, Imunify360, and top-notch SSD storage to keep the servers safe. Additionally, YouStable provides round-the-clock live chat customer support in Hindi.

Would you like more VPS choices? Choose Kamatera and A2Hosting, renowned for their affordable cloud computing and pertinent web solutions.


Customers should consider VPS hosting services if they’re searching for a highly effective and scalable hosting solution. Choosing a VPS hosting Server can be difficult, though, as there are numerous companies offering a range of plans with different features and resources.

Therefore, while choosing the best VPS hosting Server in India for 2024, be sure to prioritize speed, security, and scalability. Remember to select one with an Indian data center location to receive Hindi support services and to reduce latency for the Indian web viewership.

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